August 27, 2013

Three Room Makeovers Presented

Three Room Makeovers Presented

Our latest design tips newsletter from Carol Donayre Bugg, our corporate director of design, shows three room makeovers with before and after photos, each using a bright color like red to add a shot of vitality to a space.

            The first makeover was for empty-nesters who wanted to warm up their new, much smaller space and block the glare and unattractive view of a parking lot.

            Next is a complete floor-to-ceiling overhaul of a spacious bedroom. The new layout has the bed framed by two windows and a color mix of white, black and red with turquoise on the walls.

            Third was for new homeowners who desired an elegant, formal living room for entertaining guests. The room features bold red and gold, a dramatic window treatment and places to display artwork and accessories.

            Just click here to read the details and see the photos:

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