April 3, 2014

Measure Your Fit for an Interior Decorating Career

Measure Your Fit for an Interior Decorating Career

Do you believe you have a natural sense of style?

Do you believe you have a good sense for coordinating colors and textures?

Do you enjoy reading about the latest design trends?

 If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, you are much like the women (and men) who have become part of Decorating Den Interiors. Would you like to know more about how you measure up to our interior decorators—how you might fit into this beautiful business?

A natural sense of style and talent for decorating provide the foundation for entering the beautiful careers available with North America’s largest interior design and home furnishings franchise company.  Unique to our company is the five-part Assessment Profile we use to help measure a person’s fit for an interior decorating career or business ownership with us. Following is a small sample for you to use to see to give you an idea of your fit. The answers follow, along with instructions for getting the complete Assessment Profile.

When you visit someone’s home, do you volunteer decorating ideas without being asked?  Y  N

Do ideas run through your head so that you cannot sleep?  Y  N

Have you been a recognized leader of a group within the last ten years?   Y   N

Would you rather work for yourself than carry out the program of a superior whom you respect?  Y N

Are you willing to take a chance alone in a situation of doubtful outcome?  Y  N

Do you tend to remain optimistic when others about you are negative or down in the dumps?  Y   N

What color scheme is red and green?    ___Triad      ___Monochromatic   ___Complementary

A wide striped pattern suggests    —Fragility     __Restfulness    ___Boldness

If 4 ½ yards of cloth cost 90-cents, home cents will be 3 ½ yards cost?

When two windows have the same shape, the dimensions of one are?

__equal to     ____greater than     ___less than    ___proportional to   ___double

Please rank these motivations for considering a career in interior decorating (1 being highest)

___Want to own business      ___ Like to sell         ____Want to be own boss   ___Like decorating

Answers: If you answered Yes to most of the first six questions, and for the following questions you answered: Complementary, Boldness, and proportional to, you compare favorably with our interior decorators.

 To get the complete five-part Decorating Den Interiors Assessment Profile, send an email request to

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